Project History

August, 2009 – The town applies for a grant from Massachusetts Technology Collaborative to do a site assessment to determine possible sites on which to build a wind turbine.  Sites to be evaluated are:  North Hill Golf Course, the DPW complex behind Town Hall, the transfer station, the school complex off St. George Street, and on the Chandler School property.  (View related Clipper article.)

October, 2009 – Site assessment completed by DNV Global Energy Concepts Inc. and rules out school sites.  (View site assessment report.)

December, 2009 – Clipper reports that DPW yard is being looked at for two, 242 foot,  Vestas V-47 wind turbines and that an article was submitted for town meeting to amend the by-law to accommodate specifics for building such wind turbines. (View related Clipper article.)

March, 2010 – Article passes at town meeting to amend by-law  to allow municipal turbines on town-owned land with a height restriction of 250 ft. Any potential turbine will have to get a special permit from the Planning Board before construction can begin.  (View related Clipper article.)

May 2010 – Town officials and Alternative Energy Committee visit Mass Maritime Academy to see Vestas V-47 turbine.  (View related Clipper article.)

June 2010 – Mass Renewable Energy grants money for feasibility study to be done by Sustainable Energy Developments (SED). (View related Clipper article.)

August 2011 – Alternative Energy Committee (AEC) announces plans to inform North Hill neighbors of wind turbine plans. (View related post from Wicked Local.)

October 2011 – SED completes draft of feasibility study.  A taller, 276 foot,  Powerwind 900 turbine now recommended, with North Hill being the favored site. (View final draft of feasibility study.)

November 2011 - Concerned Duxbury citizens organize as Duxbury Wind Wise and begin to raise community and town government awareness to risks of the proposed turbine project.

December 2011 – Citizens submit article for town meeting (on March 10, 2012) to amend Duxbury’s Wind Turbine Protective By-Law to be more protective and further reduce potential risks if a turbine is ever brought to Duxbury.

January 2012 – Duxbury’s Alternative Energy Committee (AEC) votes not to pursue siting a wind turbine in Duxbury, citing economics as a reason, stating that the solar projects they are pursuing provide a better rate.